Monthly Performance Report April 2024

April 2024 marked another robust month for Vikara’s marketing efforts, as we continued to expand our digital footprint and engage effectively with our audience across various platforms.

Our digital marketing strategies are clearly resonating, demonstrated by the growth in our LinkedIn interactions and the effectiveness of our direct email campaigns. These efforts are vital as they not only enhance our brand presence but also cement our position as thought leaders in the digital assets space.

This month also sets the stage for our upcoming series of intimate live events. Aimed at fostering deep and open discussions on the adoption of digital assets, these lunches are designed to bring together key stakeholders in a candid environment.

The involvement of Vikara’s key figures will further enrich these discussions, ensuring a rich exchange of ideas that will help shape our strategic directions. As we move forward, these initiatives are crucial for navigating the complexities of the market and driving the broader adoption of digital assets.

As a quick refresher, Vikara has a three pillar approach to engaging it’s key target audience. 

These pillars of Awareness, Education and Persinalisation are equally critical to a balanced marketing and cutomer acquisition presence. Through the production and constant distribution of content, as well as live interactions with the target audience, Vikara stands to build out a robust presence in the market as a leader in the digital asset space, whilst significantly building the funds being acquired into to the portfolio.

April saw Vikara’s LinkedIn presence grow in followers and interactions, marking a successful month for our digital outreach. 

Our followers grew by 18, bringing the total to 341. Encouragingly, our visitor engagement rose from 3,757 in March to 4,000 in April, reflecting a growing interest in our content and a deeper interaction with our posts.

Our most popular LinkedIn updates this month featured Mark’s insightful commentary on Solana and an educational piece on Zero Knowledge Proofs. These posts not only attracted high engagement but also helped in positioning Vikara as a thought leader in the digital assets space.

This continued growth and engagement are essential as we keep building our brand and enhancing our market presence, attracting both seasoned investors and curious newcomers to the evolving landscape of digital assets.

Followers & Engagement

Increase for the month of +32

Increase for the month of +2,721

Most Popular Posts













Vikara’s direct mailer campaigns throughout April demonstrated a robust performance, reaching a total of 7,989 sends. This broad outreach achieved an impressive open rate of 33%, ensuring that our content was not only received but also engaged with by a significant portion of our audience. Additionally, the click rate rose to 5.7%, marking an increase of 21% from the previous month, which indicates that our content is resonating well and prompting active exploration of our resources.

The content that drove the most interaction mirrors our LinkedIn success, featuring Mark’s overview of Solana and our educational insights into Zero Knowledge Proofs. These topics continue to capture the attention of our audience, reinforcing Vikara’s role as a knowledgeable and reliable guide in the digital assets market.

Moreover, our unsubscribe rate dropped by more than 53% to 0.98%, underscoring the relevance and value of our communications in the eyes of our subscribers. This data highlights the efficacy of our targeted approach and the growing trust and interest in our expertise.

Monthly Summary Metrics

Most Popular Direct Mailers

Vikara’s website analytics for April reveal a dynamic increase in traffic, showcasing our digital marketing strategies’ effectiveness.

We welcomed 357 new unique visitors, with a total of 278 new and existing users arriving through our direct email campaigns. This highlights the direct impact and reach of our email initiatives, which also likely contributed to the 372 direct sessions observed during the month.

Additionally, our content gained traction through other channels, with 50 visitors coming from organic search now that the SEO is beginning to kick in, and 101 from social media platforms, indicating a healthy diversity in our traffic sources.

Geographically, our audience is largely concentrated in the USA and Australia, with 135 and 132 visitors respectively, demonstrating our strong presence and engagement in these markets.

Notably, the most visited page beyond the home page was the Insights page. This interest aligns with the topics that have been most engaging on our other platforms. The high traffic on the Insights page underscores our audience’s appetite for in-depth information and thought leadership in the digital assets domain.

Google Analytics

In May, Vikara is excited to launch a series of intimate live events designed to foster open and honest discussions about the digital assets market.

These small, exclusive lunches will host circa six attendees each, setting the perfect stage for in-depth conversations about the adoption challenges and market traction of digital assets.

The goal is to engage with key stakeholders in a candid setting, allowing for a free exchange of ideas and insights that could shape our strategies and understanding of the market.

These gatherings are not only aimed at addressing the current landscape but also at laying the groundwork for future discussions. By keeping the atmosphere relaxed and the groups small, we hope to encourage a dialogue that is both constructive and forward-thinking.

These lunches represent just the beginning of what we envision as a continuing series, each building on the last to deepen relationships and enhance our collective knowledge. We believe these events will prove invaluable in navigating the complexities of the digital assets space and driving the adoption forward.

Mark, Luke and Alex will all be attending the lunches along with the guests to guide and encourage the open conversation.

Lunch with Vikara


Alex Tassone, Startup Mentor, Blackbird Ventures LinkedIn

Henry Polkinghorn, Executive Director, JP Morgan Private Bank LinkedIn

Peter Dunn, Advisor & Partner, Koda Capital LinkedIn

Duane Cadman, Partner, Stepstone Infrastructure & Reaal Assets LinkedIn


Adam Gandel, Investment Manager, Gandel Investments LinkedIn

Peter Cohen, Senior Advisor, Sequoia Financial Group  LinkedIn

Brendan Jesser, Australian Equity Sales, BW Equities

Andrew Dalgliesh, CEO, BTIG LinkedIn

Andrew Quail, Portfolio Manager, Millennium LinkedIn

Sindre Holm, Head of Private Investments, C&D Capital


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